How to Shop Tax Free

To refund your sales taxes, please follow the below instructions:

  • The natural Jordanian and foreign person who lived outside Jordan for more than (183) days during the twelve month prior to the date of departing Jordan
  • Purchase from merchants registered in the authorized merchants’ network.
  • The invoice and/or receipt voucher issued by cash machine shall be an original copy bearing the merchant’s seal and the name, type, quantity and value of goods
  • The invoice shall be in the name of tourist/ non-resident. In the case of receipt voucher issued by cash machine, the name of purchaser (non- resident) shall be written manually and the merchant’s seal be affixed thereon next to the name of the purchaser.
  • The tax value shall appear separately on Invoice and/or receipt voucher issued by cash machine and the refund amount shall exceed 50 JDs.
  • Complete the approved refund form and the passenger information form provided for at the authorized merchant.
  • Keep the refund request copies and the sealed original invoices for the approval of the Customs Department upon departure from any Jordanian border points.
  • Upon departure, purchases must be shown to the customs officer and the invoice and the refund form shall be sealed by the customs officer as “seen upon departure”.
  • If you depart from passenger’s gate in seventh circle, you should keep the purchases for which you want to refund their tax to be inspected by the customs officer at the airport.
  • After your transaction with Customs Department is completed, you should deliver the refund form, the original purchase invoices, a copy of the boarding pass, a copy of the passport, and passenger information form to TAGI Tax Free window.
  • If your transaction meets all the refund conditions, and the tax value was between 50 JD and 500 JD, then the value will be immediately refunded to you.
  • If the value of tax refund exceeds 500 JD, you must deliver the refund form, the original purchase invoices, a copy of the boarding pass, a copy of the passport, and the passenger information to TAGI Tax Free window, and we shall proceed with the tax refund procedures with the Income and Sales Tax Department on your behalf. Once the Income and Sales Tax Department approves the refund, we will transfer the amount to your account shown on the passenger information form.
  • If you fail to deliver the invoices and forms sealed by customs officer with “seen upon departure” for any reason, and whether the departure was by airport and/ or Jordanian land border points; you may send the original copies of the following documents: -
  1. Purchase invoices and tax refund form sealed by Customs Department and passenger information form.
  2. A copy of the first page for your passport that includes the personal information and a copy for the page, which includes entrance and departure seals by the public security.
  3. A copy of the entry and departure card issued by the Public Security for non-resident using the land border points in Jordan.
  4. For West Bank citizens departing through King Hussein Bridge, a copy of bridge crossing card certified by the Public Security with the dates of entry and departure shall be attached.
  5. The above attachments shall be sent, (during a period not exceeding 70 days as of the date of purchase)

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